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I am happy to introduce or reintroduce myself to you. I am Joseph J. Aiello Jr., and I represent the third generation of the Aiello family in the local produce wholesale business. I still meet customers who this day speak well of my Father and Grandfather, and if you are someone with a previous Aiello family acquaintance, don’t be embarrassed if you consider yourself “a little older.” We have been around since 1914.

The formula for continued success after all these years is a simple one. SERVICE+ QUALITY + COMPETITIVE PRICING = VALUE. My company continues to serve the local delivery area seven days per week, and there is an executive of the company in this building every day of the week. All of my incoming product is inspected by 3 different sets of eyes, and accepted or rejected based on its merits and usefulness according to market conditions. The inspectors have had a combined 85 years of experience looking at fruit and vegetables, and work well with each other, determining the intrinsic value of produce. They will accept what would work for the customer, and reject what would not. As our primary buyer, I lean on lessons learned from my Father, who intern learned from his father; seasonal price patterns, differences in pack sizes, and overall farmer marketer trends, to determine the equation, lowest cost for highest quality. I also keep overhead low, owning half of our fleet, and working out of an 11,000 square foot facility which is company owned debt free. Thus pricing is always competitive, there is no other way to operate if you are a value driven company.

Thanks for your interest. If you would like to meet face-to-face, or initiate a text or email dialogue, I would look forward to it. ( I spend a good deal of time in my office near phones and computers, so I can guarantee that office hour response time will be at a minimum. I am also free almost every afternoon, and have intense knowledge of the Capital District, being born and living here my entire life. I would love to personally explain how my VALUE formula for purchasing and delivering fresh fruit and produce, has worked all these years.

Joseph J. Aiello Jr.
Joseph Aiello and Sons



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Albany, NY 12202


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90 Dongan Avenue
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